Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 8: Implantation (?)

I feel something taking root. My characters are running around in my head, through their own little world, which (amazingly to me) doesn't look like any place I've actually been. They are starting to feel real to me. The interweb tells me that "blastocysts" (as embryos are called at this point) implant somewhere between day 6 and 10. So it would seem I'm right on schedule.

Scene 3 began easily tonight, and I resisted the urge to tinker with it even though I know I'm going to have to cut a lot of it later. We're meeting my other favorite character, Vera, a fellow nursing home resident. She's a delightful (if occasionally obnoxious) bubbly busybody who just wants to connect. Unfortunately, the conversation she's having with Angie is going off in random tangents. While that may be true-to-life, it doesn't make for good theater. My philosophy is that (good) theater is life: with the boring parts cut out. Random conversation tangents - when you're not the one having them - are boring. Snip snip.

But it's not time for the delete button yet. These tangents are the characters' way of telling me their story -- the background information I need to have so they can eventually say the succinct, pithy lines that tell you all you need to know in just a few words. I'll get there eventually. I've got time -- it's only day 8. This little sucker isn't even technically an embryo yet.

I just hope it sticks -- I'm getting kind of attached to this little family.


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