Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 3: Baby steps

My second conflict (TIME) reared its unexpected head this weekend. Yes, this weekend - where I had what looked like almost infinite time stretching out in front of me. I only had 3 objectives: start this blog, make my website, and write. No sweat, right? I did accomplish numbers 1 and 2 (hallelujah), but number 3 got less time devoted to it than I wanted. The website had to take priority, since that is a tool I need for promoting my voice teaching studio, which will both help me to pay my bills and eventually allow me more time to write. (You see, if I get enough private music students, I'll make enough money to be able to quit leading meetings for Weight Watchers, work I truly love but that doesn't pay nearly enough for the many hours it takes.) So, oddly, finishing my website was an investment in my writing future. (I must say I'm very proud of the fact that I designed my own website AND it looks pretty darn good -- check it out!

So as of Friday night, poor Frank was sitting in his EZ boy recliner, a half-played game of solitaire in front of him, with an indeterminate woman (a nurse or orderly? a fellow nursing home resident?) asking him if he wanted ice cream. He had to hang out there all day Saturday and most of the day today, ice cream surely thoroughly melted, as this afternoon was devoted to my best friend's baby shower out in Jersey. (This has me thinking, can I throw a "play" shower? Have people give me gifts of props or donations for launching the first production?)

After getting myself home from Jersey, eating a dinner of the best pizza in New York (Patsy's on 1st and 118th -- don't argue me on this point unless you've had it), and saying hello to my singing voice for the first time in a couple of months, I sat down and wrote for an hour. If you were worried about the ice cream, you can relax. It magically didn't melt, and Frank is eating it now. The first scene turns out to have been very short, so I've launched into scene 2, where we get to meet Frank's daughter and granddaughter. I'm still only on page 4, but I feel like this next scene will flow pretty easily. We'll find out tomorrow night. For now I must go placate my neglected cat and get myself some sleep.

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  1. The website does indeed look pretty darn good! Great job!!