Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 13: A Glimpse of the Future

(stay tuned for part 2 of Pre-conceptions - coming very soon I promise!)

Imagine a future technology where they could take one of those spotty gray ultrasound images of an embryo, and project it out to what your child will look, sound, and act like when it's grown. It probably would have a fairly high margin of error to it, but it would be exciting nonetheless. Well, that's kind of what I got to experience with my play tonight.

Tonight was the first rehearsal for an upcoming performance of one of the previous short plays I wrote about Frank. To watch my magnificent actors (Robert Frink as Frank and Laura Gilreath as his granddaughter, Angie) bring these characters to life under Dann Fink's brilliant direction was exhilarating. I laughed, I teared up -- and we only got through page 4 (out of 9). The relationship between Frank and Angie is so tender and palpable in this scene, that I have renewed faith that I am creating a genuine piece of theater here.

Tonight I saw a glimpse of the play this has the potential to grow up to be -- and I'm proud.


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