Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 10: "A Lovely Beginning"

I got very encouraging feedback at my "check-up" today. The class responded very positively to the first two scenes, and my teacher said I was off to a "lovely beginning". The class really connected to Frank's vulnerability and sense of isolation, and they also felt the relationship between Vivian and Angie was very real. The conflicts I presented made people curious to learn more. The class also had some good questions about a couple of plot points which I hadn't thought of, which is very helpful. Julie (my teacher) has given me the green light to keep writing, rather than go back and fix anything in the first part yet, so that is what I am doing.

One interesting thing came out of hearing my words out loud today: I realized that scene 3 needs to be a totally different scene than the one I started to write the other day. That scene between Angie and Vera (the nursing home busy-body) may appear later, but for now, the question that wants to be answered is what's at stake for Angie? How will she decide between pursuing her life-long dreams and taking care of her grandpa? That is what I am endeavoring to answer in the new scene 3. I'm only 2.5 pages in, but I have a good sense for where it's going to go.

Since I haven't entirely kicked this cold virus yet, my boyfriend has ordered me to "watch something entertaining and go to sleep". I'm expressly forbidden from posting late-night facebook status updates. (He knows me so well.) I guess I'd better listen, even though that means Angie's and her best friend Rachael's coffee will get cold...


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