Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 14: Divorced and "pregnant"

On January 28, 2010, I signed my divorce papers. So now I'm divorced and "pregnant" -- does this make me a fallen woman?

While I never wanted to be divorced, I am immeasurably grateful for the incredible growth and change that I have experienced in the year and a half since my 11-year marriage ended. The list is long, but most relevant to this blog, I became a writer.

The Artist's WayIn the days immediately following the split, the universe brought me to a great singing coach/mentor, Alisa Endsley, who compelled me to finally buy (and follow) Julie Cameron's The Artist's Way. In the course of writing in my "morning pages" journal every day, Natalie Wilson - Writer was born. And now that woman is "giving birth" to her first play. It all feels very appropriate somehow.


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