Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 168: Monday progress report

Uh oh.  It's technically not Monday anymore (since it is 10 minutes past midnight), and I haven't written my Monday progress report yet.  This is what happens when I go camping and am away from my computer for a few days -- I actually unplug.  I probably could have managed to thumb-type a brief post on my swanky new MyTouch phone (I have finally joined the ranks of people walking around with constant access to their email and the internet), but I actually kept my phone off all weekend, only checking in 2 or 3 times.  It feels good to unplug, disconnect for awhile.

I thought I might write over the weekend, but in the end I only spent maybe a half-hour to an hour going over the last new scene I wrote and making some edits.  I didn't feel in the space to sit down and really write -- especially by hand since I didn't have a computer with me.  (oh, how all this will change when I get my iPad -- Apple, are you listening?).  I do also have to admit that I find it hard to write in the presence of my boyfriend.  This is something I am going to have to work on, for both of our benefits.  We both need to be able to work in each others' presence, so that we can have time together and get our creative work done.  I know couples who do this -- spend time in the same space, but each doing their own thing.  I have to learn this skill if I ever want to live with someone again (which I do).  Not to the exclusion of having time alone to write (or even just be), but as an additional mode.  If anyone has any tips on how to do this, I would love to hear them....

Alas I will have to make up last week's writing on other days this week.  I will sit down and look over my calendar in the morning and plan out when that will be.   Until then, buona notte.
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