Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 53: Sunset

Yesterday's sunrise experiment was an unmitigated success.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my unfiltered meanderings on Monday night actually did comprise something of the start of a scene, so I was able to continue from there.  It felt great to have done my writing before I left the house at 7:40am, for, as reader Jillian commented on yesterday's post, I was able to "walk around the rest of the day knowing you're a writer despite your other jobs and responsibilities."  I had no guilt coming home after the friend's birthday and just enjoying being with my boyfriend before going to sleep.  All in all, writing in the morning helped make for a great day.

But I didn't write this morning.  I find it harder to focus when my boyfriend is around (something we both deal with since he is a composer/musician himself and also needs time to write and be creative.  We are trying to learn to be able to work in each other's presence, but it's still a bit of a challenge).  I also knew I would have time to write this evening.  So I instead enjoyed a little bit of extra sleep and quiet time with him, then took care of some emails and such before heading off to my last regular meetings as a Weight Watchers leader.  It was bittersweet, saying goodbye to members I have grown to know over the last 8 months, and in whose progress I am personally invested.  The support and encouragement I received for my new career path was tremendous, though, and many of them promised to be in touch and even stop by and visit my blog.  So perhaps we'll get to see some comments from them now and then.

The transition from the end of one thing into the beginning of another is always a bit painful, even when it's what you want.  I have had a lot of those lately: career dreams, relationships, pets, jobs, apartments -- I've had deaths and rebirths in all of these facets of my life in the last two years.  Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind a little stasis for awhile.  But who knows, maybe then I'd be bored.  Fortunately, every sunset is always followed by another sunrise. 
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