Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unexpected bright spot

So here I was after my demon battle last week, resolute but sad to not submit my play to this reading festival for which I'd been given a personal invitation from the producer.   Just to do a dummy check about my instincts on this, I emailed my director and asked if he thought it was worth submitting the script in its current incarnation, or if I was right to think I shouldn't enter it since I know it needs some work.  His reply was not at all what I expected:

"Yes, I would send the play.  It's a great play and a work in progress."

I guess I had gotten so caught up in processing all the feedback after the reading and subsequently so focused on all the things that need to be fixed, that I forgot that at its core it's a great play.  And one of the main purposes of reading series is to help develop works in progress.  So, even though I am not going to get a rewrite done, I still get to submit my play.  Whether or not she selects it, the producer will see that I can write.  And that can only be a good thing.

Funny, is that whistling I hear?  I turn and see my demon strolling off towards his favorite demon-watering hole, whistling a jaunty tune to himself.  Even he seems content with this turn of events. 

Never fear, I'm sure he'll be back to hound me soon enough.
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