Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 155: Refocus

Hello, blog, I've missed you.  I hope a few of you are still there.

The last several weeks I have been occupied/distracted/side-tracked with wonderful, important projects that have done a lot for me as an artist.  I had the 48 hour play festival, a recital for my voice studio as well as a voice teaching seminar, a performance of my own with Kat, plus curating last weekend's Ladies Lab of short plays by women playwrights as well as producing my own short play within that.  It has been intense and crazy and exhausting and exhilarating and rewarding and frustrating and wonderful and promising.  I've developed relationships with a talented (and connected) director, wonderful actors, and producing organizations that have expressed interest in my work.  I've even been asked about possibly writing the book for a musical.  So I don't regret any of it (though I wish maybe they hadn't all happened quite so on top of each other).  But my blog and my full-length play (not to mention my boyfriend and my friends) have suffered from a lack of attention during this time.  It's time to refocus.

Looking over my blogging habits and my writing habits, I was more focused on the play when I was also more dedicated to blogging about it.  It is a form of accountability.  I have a number of people who are now clamoring to read and possibly work on this full-length play, as well as some opportunities to submit it places, and I really need to get it done.   More importantly, I miss Frank.  And Vivian, and Angie, and Annette.  I want to talk to them again.  I feel them dancing in my head, in the background, patiently waiting to tell me more of their story.  I can't wait to get back to hear what they have to say.

Since the playwriting class I was going to take this summer may not be happening now, I have to find my own form of accountability.  I'm going to start here.  Every Monday, I will report the progress I made on the play during the previous week, and I will post at least two other times during the week as well.  That is my commitment to myself, and to you.   Feel free to call me out on it if you notice me slacking.

I look forward to reconnecting to my play, to this process, and to all of you.


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