Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 43: Creating space

When we want to bring something new into our lives, we have to create space for it, just as a pregnant woman's body must create space for the fetus growing inside her -- hips spreading, organs shifting, joints loosening.  To constantly wish and ask for something to come into your life without making any space for it, is sending the universe mixed signals.  Which is kinda what I was doing.

One of my personal goals (aside from this project) is to grow my private music teaching studio to the point where I can let go of some of my other work so that I can have more time to write.  But between my 2 non-teaching jobs, I didn't have much time in my schedule to add more students.  I knew I had to let go of something, but it's scary to give up definite money for possible money.  On Monday, I decided to trust that things would work out and made the leap to resign from leading my regular meetings at Weight Watchers.  As much as I love that work, I had to create some space in my life, and I can scarcely believe what has already started to fill it.

All of a sudden, yesterday, I got a boost of exposure to my blog from Gretchen Rubin's site (thank you!) - and am now going to need to dedicate more time to this part of my writing.  Then today, I participated in a "Meet the Coaches" event  where I got to introduce myself as a singing technique teacher to a room full of actors.  I already have 2 new students scheduled for sessions, and several more who expressed interest.  And on Wednesday, I'll be conducting a free singing seminar that I hope will bring in even more students (visit my website for more info).  It is looking likely that very soon I will have to let go of even more non-teaching work to accommodate these new students.

It feels like things are all cracking at once, just because I made a little space for change to happen.  So I encourage you: ask yourself if you have allowed room in your life for what it is you want.  Nature abhors a vacuum, so if you create space, something will fill it.

Will someone please remind me of this the next time I want to take on another project?


  1. wow! found you from the happiness project blog, and oh so glad i did! i love the concept you've come up with for "birthing" a play! and this post is something i have been pondering in my own life for quite a while...the opening up of the space (be it mentally, physically, or spiritually) for the new to come in and how there has to be some serious letting go of other stuff in order to clear that space, (which is often far more difficult and painful than originally thought). but once it's done, and the letting go of the "how" the space is going to get re-filled is also released, the beauty and wonder and life and love and opportunities and and and that walk through that door we've ever so slightly cracked, swinging it wide open and bursting into song upon their arrival is simply amazing! you are correct, nature abhors a that! and it is sooo inspiring to see that your spaces are getting filled up so deliciously!! cheers to you!!

  2. Natalie,

    I found you via Gretchen Rubin's site and I'm so intrigued with your blog. This entry rings true for me, as well! I've created some space and asked for certain things and that space/time is starting to be filled differently.

    Congratulations on your new students! I hope you post some video/audio of your singing.

    Incidentally, we also share the same first name.


  3. Amy and Natalie --

    Thank you both for your comments! I agree I think sometimes we do have to let go of the "how" the space is going to be filled and just trust. Step off the cliff and the net will appear. Awfully hard thing to do sometimes, though.

    Natalie, thanks for the suggestion to post some of my singing -- I will do that soon!