Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 31: Eating for two

Creating a new life form takes a lot of energy. Just ask my 8.5 month pregnant best friend who has been so exhausted that she has rarely left the house except for work since she began nourishing her little parasite last summer. But you can't directly feed the little one in utero -- the mother has to nourish herself in order for the baby to get what it needs.

My schedule has been so manic lately that I haven't been able to sufficiently nourish myself or thus my little creative beastie. The fuel I need to be creative is a mixture of one part rest, two parts surrounding myself with great art and/or artists, one part spending time with loved ones, and one part having quiet time to clear my mind. Make that last thing two parts. Or perhaps even three.

This weekend I made sure I got a big dose of that fuel. I arranged a full day off for myself by getting coverage for work and refusing to schedule voice students on the holiday today (even though that cost me money). I carved out time to meet some fabulous creative folks through my friend/writing partner Kat and went to playwriting class. I scheduled time with my chosen family, whom I have seen far too little of lately. I went ice skating in central park for the first time (something I've been meaning to do for 5 years). I sat alone and was quiet, for more than five minutes.

I feel fantastic. I feel nourished. I am looking forward to this week and seeing what creativity unfolds. I have already scheduled in a lot of my fuel for this week: time with Kat, an artist's date with myself to see God of Carnage, a mani/pedi, a session with my personal trainer, an evening with one of my best friends. Hopefully I'll find a way to squeeze some sleep in there too. Speaking of which... good night.


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