Monday, August 20, 2012

An experiment In productivity

I am trying a three-part experiment tonight to increase the rate of my writing output.  I keep not getting as much done as I need to be.  I am melding together three different techniques I have found to be useful in the past and am seeing what happens when I put them all together:

1) Leave the house

I often get more done when I don't have distractions of home (especially now that I live with my best-boyfriend-ever).  So I left the house at 6pm tonight, to give him space to work on music without me and to give myself space to write.

2) Write by hand

This is a new technique for me, that I was just introduced to by Winter Miller.  I noticed that I edited way less when writing by hand, so I am trying that tonight since telling myself to "stop editing!" when I'm on the computer hasn't been working. This will also make it much harder for me to get distracted by things like Facebook or email, since I don't even have my computer and the iPad I'm typing on will be stowed away and powered off in my bag.

3) Set a timer

I am going to set a timer for an hour, three times tonight, and write solid for that hour without stopping. No email breaks, hopefully no potty breaks, no self-editing breaks, just write. At the end of those three writing sprees, we'll see if I have another one in me.

I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!
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