Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 211: A Play Shower!

I am very excited to invite you all to participate in my Play Shower!  If you would like to help me bring this play into the world, in the form of a public, staged reading, I hope you'll visit my project at indiegogo and give whatever gift most resonates with you.  You can buy a copy of a script for an actor ($10), some rehearsal space ($25), sponsor an actor for the performance ($100-$300), and much more. 

This was an idea I had way back on Day 3 of this project, when I went to one of my best friend's actual baby shower.  I found myself musing about the fact that this play is the closest thing I'll ever have to a baby (other than my cat), and wondered if I could throw a play shower instead of a baby shower.  Now, 208 days and a completed first draft later, I'm doing just that.  It's kind of hard to believe how far this project has come -- and how far I have come -- over the last 7 months. 

Self-producing is a bitch, and asking people for money, especially in times like these, is always hard.  It is the part about being in the arts I like the least.  If we lived in a different era (or country), I might have a patron (or government) who would fund all of my production expenses so would not have to ask for money.  But, we don't.  And what helps me get over my discomfort is the knowledge that art is a community endeavor -- people create it, perform it, and enjoy it together.  In order for the arts to happen, people have to come together and decide to make it happen.  Everyone donates to the arts in their own way, whether donating labor in the form of time or talent, or money in the form of taxes, buying tickets or direct cash donations.  I am asking my community to come together and give whatever you can to help make this happen, so that the community may enjoy the fruits of all this labor. (If you can't give in the form of money, but would like to help some other way, please let me know -- I can use help of all sorts.)

So I humbly ask you to give whatever you can, and to pass this along to all the theater lovers you know who might enjoy knowing they were part of the village that helped raise this little work of art.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.   
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