Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 105: The Art Doula is born

I have my first column!

Today (or what was today only 20 minutes ago) was the launch day of, a new one-stop blogazine for the independent film community in New York.  I am excited to be one of the feature writers on the site, with a column entitled The Art Doula: helping you give birth to your art through practical pointers, motivational mantras, and creative compassion.   You can read my first column here!

The inspiration for this goes back to my post on Day 73: The Art of Happiness (or the Happiness of Art), where I was musing about how I can give more back with my writing (and my art in general).  In the days and weeks following that post, it came to me that I'm really good at getting lots of stuff done, and at taking an idea and figuring out how to bring it to fruition.  I wondered if perhaps I could help other people get their own stuff done, so that they can make their creative dreams a reality.   When one of the founders of BVEW approached me about writing for the site, at first I didn't know what I could write that would be relevant to the film world.  But then I realized that this kind of advice would apply to any creative field, and she heartily agreed and brought me on board.  While I have other visions for where the Art Doula might go eventually, this is a great place for her to start.  Come and visit me over there and let me know what you think!
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