Thursday, November 25, 2010

A note of thanks!

I wrote an entry earlier today summing up some of the post-partum depression I've been feeling lately, and was about to post it, but it somehow didn't feel right to be wallowing on this day of thanksgiving.  There is so much I have to be grateful for, and how much better is it to focus on that?  I will save the other post for another day.

In no particular order, I am grateful:
  • for the love and support of my family
  • to have been so warmly welcomed by my boyfriend's family
  • to have such a supportive, understanding, patient, and encouraging boyfriend
  • to be blessed not only with my actual family, but also with the most wonderful chosen family of friends
  • that my cat recently spontaneously decided to become a lap cat
  • that I have this incredible drive and need to be creative
  • for all the energy and motivation I have to get things done
  • for my studio full of talented and lovely voice students, and that it has grown enough for me to leave my office jo
  • for the new and improved version of me that emerged out of the darkest time of my life 
  • that I discovered a love - and apparent talent - for playwriting
  • to live in the greatest city in the world
  • that, as screwed up as our politics are, I live in a country where at least I can listen to the likes of Rachel Maddow and John Stewart
  • that, as difficult as my money situation has felt at times, I have had the luxury of choosing work that allowed me to pursue my creative endeavors
  • for this amazing and wonderful internet that allows me a forum for expressing myself and connecting with people
And more, there is always more.  What are you grateful for this year?
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